It was in the year 1972, when there was not a single institute for law studies in Kosi area, interested students of this field could get the facility of law study by going elsewhere, for which they had to face a lot of difficulties and economic problems.

In this context, the local education loving socialist and intellectual felt the need to establish a law college in the Kosi afflicted area and in December 1972, Bihar Vibhuti late Lalit Narayan Mishra established Ravindan Mishra Memorial Law College Saharsa in the name of his father Late Ravindan Mishra.

The main credit for the establishment of this college is to the social workers of the Divisional Headquarters, in which the affection and efforts of the late Mrityunjay Narayan Mishra founder and former executive president is particularly appreciated.

Other prominent institution founders include Mr. Shatrughan Prasad Singh Former Secretary Mr. Rameshchandra Singh Former Joint Secretary Mr. Baliram Saraf Former Treasurer Mr. Chandrakishor Jha Former Joint Secretary Late Mr. Prasad Singh Advocate Former Secretary Late Jai Narayan Singh Advocate Late Abhiraman Jha Advocate Late Ramnath Jha Advocate Mr. Bhubaneswar Jha “Bada Lal” Sri Surndra Nath Jha, “Gopal Babu” Ashwani Kumar Das Late Shiv Dayal Mascara Shri Vishwanath Kedia Shri Jagdishwar Jha Former Professor Incharge PG Center Saharsa etc. The contribution of this college is remarkable in its flourishing and flourishing. Also, the background of this college cannot be written without discussing the contribution of the local Manohar High School family where this college started.

Presently, the office and class work of this college is being edited in its own private building. The 10-room building of about 5100 square feet of this college has been constructed with an attached veranda in 180 square feet and UGC grant and Dr. Jagannath Mishra under the Eight th Five Year Plan Mishraji’s immense compassion resulted in the construction of a grand library building of the college.

Since 1972 1973 education session, this Law College Management Committee continued to operate smoothly as an affiliated college under Lalit Narayan Mithila University Darbhanga under the supervision of government body. As a result of former Chief Minister Jagannath Mishra’s immense grace, the spirit of the greatest philanthropist and above all, his valuable support as an education lover, this law college was declared an endowment in the year 1980 and Lalit Narayan Mithila University as an integrated unit on 04.04.1981. Darbhanga took charge of it At present, this law college is the only adopted law college of Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University Lalu Nagar Madhepura, where only law is taught in daily sessions through education and primary knowledge of computers is also given.

The college family is Thankful to Dr. Jagannath Mishra ji that he pleased to allot this college a grant of 26 lakhs from the MP fund for the construction work, and with his courtesy, 30 Ceiling Fan College was received with 100 student chairs.Courtesy of Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh Member Legislative Council, Godrej Solar Double Desk and 10 Chairs of the college received

Under the 11th Five Year Plan, many profitable schemes such as network resort day care center internships are being run in the college. Keeping in view the supervision and supervision of advanced and quality examination and study teaching, CCTV cameras were installed in 6 class rooms and student common rooms. All class rooms are equipped with smart boards. Seminars are being organized every year in the college. It is the pride of the college that Pandit Ravindan Mishra’s statue was unveiled by His Majesty Chancellor cum Rajpal Bihar Shri Devanand Kunwar. The college family is grateful to His Excellency.